The Real Christmas Tree Board

Media Interview Guides & FAQs

The materials here are designed to help members of the industry prepare for media interviews and answer questions from customers. The documents include the Real Christmas Tree Board campaign messages as well as general tips and tricks for speaking with the media and consumers.


Intentional Communications

How to Make the Most of the MomentWatch

Mastering Message Delivery

Mastering Message Delivery, Part 1Download

Mastering Message Delivery, Part 2Download

Mastering Message Delivery, Part 3Download

Mastering Message Delivery, Part 4Download

Media Interview Guides

RCTB 2023 Annual Consumer Survey & General Season Messages Download

About Messages and How to Deliver Them Download

Tips for Speaking with Media Download

FAQ Fact Sheets

Christmas Tree Supply Download

COVID 19 Talking Points Download

Christmas Tree Fire Safety – Fact Sheet Download

Balsam Wooly Adelgid Talking Points Download

Insects on Christmas Tree – Fact Sheet Download

Spotted Lanternfly – Fact Sheet Download