The Real Christmas Tree Board


As a second-generation Christmas tree farmer, I believe that we must employ new strategies to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.  The Christmas Tree Promotion Board is a vital part of that.

Carrie Chefas McClain, Hart-T-Tree Farms, NC

We’re excited to see the industry support new marketing efforts that will help reach the next generation of real tree buyers. It’s nice to know that research dollars are available to find better genetics and chemicals that reduce production costs for growers.

Ashley Ahl, Northern Family Farms

I am pleased that the Christmas tree industry has joined countless other agricultural communities by joining our resources to improve and promote our product. I know that our farm has benefited from repeated collaboration in the past. I believe that this type of cooperation will be necessary for the future success of the real Christmas Tree industry.

Jeff Darling, Darling’s Tree Farm, NY

I believe that with funds provided by Christmas Tree growers themselves, the CTPB, in the next decade, will begin to revive an industry which has been slowly declining over the past 40 to 50 years.

Jim Corliss, ME

Now that the check off has passed, I feel very positive about the future of our industry.  We will be able to fund research both for growing trees and for marketing.  Now the board can continue all the positive programs that they have started.

Cline Church, Cline Church Nursery, NC

As a first generation Christmas tree grower I am excited that my son and grandchildren will reap the benefits of a continued promotion of real tree and research that address the many challenges our industry faces. Past and future research is critical to the success of the Christmas tree industry. None of which we can achieve as an individual or state association.

Wilson Barr, Barr Evergreens, NC

Our real competition is the plastic tree and not some other farm down the road or in another state. Having lost so much of market share to plastic trees, we have had to band together in a new way to promote our industry and address the decreasing money for research. The Christmas tree checkoff is that new, sustainable, and equitable way. With the resounding win in the second referendum, with Marsha Gray at the helm, and with the good group of Board members, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 7 years.

Betty Malone, Sunrise Tree Farm, OR